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PCC Meets to Discuss Strategic Plan

PCC Meets to Discuss Strategic Plan

Friday, January 20th, 2023

The People’s Constitution Commission (PCC) met in Belmopan on January 18, 2023, to review and discuss a draft strategic plan developed by the Secretariat to guide the work of the commission for the ensuing 15 months. Representatives of the various organizations present considered suggestions made on how best to improve the draft document. At the end of the meeting, the Secretariat was tasked with incorporating the suggested decisions before presenting a clean draft with the changes at the next meeting of the commission for unanimous adoption of its approved plan. 

The draft strategic plan outlines the five strategic objectives of the PCC to achieve its vision and mission. It also sets distinct milestones and actions to achieve these strategic objectives. These are 1. To have a fully capacitated People’s Constitution Commission and Secretariat with a well-defined strategic plan, communication and public outreach strategy, and a working budget 2. To develop and execute a national public education campaign and a consultation strategy pertaining to constitutional reform. 3. To complete the first draft report of the People’s Constitution Commission based on consultations with the Belizeans. 4. To conduct national public consultations based on the first draft report. 5. To complete and submit the final report to the Prime Minister. 

Commissioners were invited to participate in the formation of two technical committees ─ the Outreach, Education, and Consultation Technical Committee and the Research and Orientation Technical Committee. The staffing of the committees signals that the work of the PCC has now moved out of its formative stage into the rolling out of its action plan. The vision of the PCC is to faithfully represent the interests of Belizeans and secure the common good for generations yet unborn. The mission seeks to advance the common good of Belize, through a transparent, wide-ranging, impartial, and meaningful process of consultations and to reflect and deliberate on constitutional changes, if any, agreed upon by Belizeans, at home and in the diaspora, for a new or amended Constitution.

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